Network Access

If your network folders don't show up on your computer, don't panic. In most cases it's only their shortcuts that have been disrupted. Normally a restart of the computer will bring them back (requires that you're connected to the school's network).

If you still can't see your folders, or you need them right now, you can access them manually by following these steps:

    • Copy the network path you need from below - Shortcut: Ctrl + C

Student Share Drive:


Student Home Drive:


Eg. \\\student_home\year07\Doe.John.nc001234

    1. Open up "My Computer" - Shortcut: Windows key + E

    2. When "This PC" has opened press Alt key + D. This will move your cursor up to the address bar

    3. Paste the previously copied network path into the address bar - Shortcut: Ctrl + V (note: you will need to replace the xx after "year" with your year level and also add you name at the end.)

    4. Press <ENTER>

If this condition doesn't go away after a few days, make an appointment with your specialist.