Can I supply my own laptop for my son/daughter?

Post date: Dec 07, 2014 10:59:30 AM

No - In our experience with technology, it is not only the purchase price of the laptop but also the support that backs it that is very important. At this point in time it is not possible for us to support a wide variety of different machines. We want to focus on the educational benefits rather than the technical problems that arise from have multiple types of laptops in a classroom. Also the costs involved would be far more as there are software licensing options that we can access at a far better rate then families can. The model of the 1 to 1 program at Northpine currently is for the college to own the laptop and charge parents a levy for the services needed to supply and operate this laptop. Will this always be the best answer? NO. However, currently it is the best model for Northpine to follow.