Laptop Program Parent and Student Terms and Conditions

Each year the terms and conditions of the laptop program are reviewed and updated. This year rather then printing these out they are made available via this website. There are many who just want to know the changes that have been made and so these are listed below for your convenience. You may also want to check out the FAQ page for the laptop program as this will cover many of the commonly asked questions.

Quicklist of Guidelines

    • It is a school laptop (that is owned by the college) that is given for your use during the school year.

    • Never leave your computer unattended or in an unlocked area.

    • When transporting your computer, always carry it in the provided protective TANC case.

    • Never let your computer be logged in unattended - turn it off or put it into sleep mode.

    • Internet Access - Detailed guidelines for Internet access available here.

    • Network Folders - Detailed guidelines for Network folders available here.

    • Printers and photocopiers - Detailed guidelines for Printers and photocopiers available here.

For those who want more detail on what you should do to care for your laptop you can check out the Laptop Agreement below.